the first one

Apparently I have lost the ability to talk about anything else but traveling. I mean, I’ll be with a group of people, talking about normal people things, and someone will say something along the lines of “I found the coolest thriftstore downtown, their dresses are like $3,” and where my mind goes, what I have to reply, even though no one at all cares, is “oh man! I just found the coolest Polish budget airline! Their flights to London are like E20.” 

I’m pretty sure it’s called travel verbal diarrhea, and it’s become a burden for my friends and loved ones. 
So maybe, this being my outlet, I can be a normal person in human society, and a travel obsessed psychopath on here.  

Plus, my goal here is to track the planning of a backpacking trip. Within the next year and a half, this is essentially going to be a diary spanning from “Oh, I think I’ll go to (blank),” to “(Blank) was super cool, now I’m home.” It will be interesting to read afterwards, and maybe help when planning future trips. Also I like to listen to myself talk, and I guess this is the next best thing. 

Pub-n-knit because for a while I would go to my favorite pub and knit things. I don’t anymore because I moved, and I don’t have a favorite pub in my new city, Raleigh. Maybe one day.


I'd love to hear what you think! Just try not to be an asshole.

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