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Friday Photo: Pompeii

Pompeii is an interesting place. It shows us a lot about what daily life was like for a Roman in the year 79. It’s also completely covered in penises. There’s an entire museum dedicated to the amount of erotic objects that have been excavated, but the city itself is still full of dirty frescoes, phallic shaped household objects, and pornographic graffiti. But don’t worry-if you’re not into ancient porn, there are lots of other stuff to look at too. Like vases, the remains of adults, children, and dogs, and a pretty vineyard.

How many penises can you spot in this photo?


3 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Pompeii

    • Similar in that they had penises everywhere? Ill have to look it up, I’ve never visited any of Asia (yet!) but I bet the ruins are fascinating. Roman ruins are a bit too familiar to be very interesting anymore.

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