Knit mouse for a pint, anyone?

Obviously, this has nothing to do with travel. But I’m not completely one-dimensional, guys, come on. Besides drinkingsurfing, skurfing, bungee jumping, sailing, parasailing, kayakingkegstanding, and generally being awesome, an activity that I am slowly mastering is knitting in exchange for pints. This is an old picture of a mouse that I knit and stuffed with catnip for my cat, Kitty, to destroy at her leisure. It might also work in a bigger version for a baby.

It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

If you would like to replicate this adorable rubbish, I would first suggest getting extremely bored. After that, grab whatever yarn you care about least, and just cast on about ten, knit a rectangle, cast off, and stuff it. Then you’re going to want to sort of roll it together so the stuffing doesn’t show through the knitting (hence the rectangle instead of a square). After that, I just wove the ends together, tightened one end and tied on a little braided tail, then I made a little head by twisting some more yarn a few times around about an inch from the other end . Sew buttons accordingly, so it actually looks kind of like a mouse. To make the ears and feet, just cast on a few, knit a row or two, then cast off and weave on. The whiskers are just little pieces of braided hemp string.

I put this picture on facebook, and a few friends ended up requesting similar knit toys. I suggested we head to the pub and trade for beers, and a thus the name PubnKnit was born.


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