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Friday Photo: Napoli

Unlike people, there are very few places that I dislike. Most of the time, I’m so excited to be exploring a city, town, beach, or whatever-that any bad characteristics are overwhelmed by my general happiness of being somewhere new. Napoli is the exception. In southern Italy, with a volcano lingering maliciously in the background, this dirty barbarian city will have you stepping over piles of dog shit while simultaneously avoiding “Mafia areas” at the suggestion of your hostel’s owner. Or maybe you’ll just be followed around by packs of wild dogs while being rained on for 4 straight days.

Or maybe you’ll have a great experience. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the city and decide to move here and start a family. That’d be wonderful! Just be aware that scientists have found a super volcano under the city that could kill millions of people, if it chooses to erupt again. Yeah that’s right-AGAIN. And I’m not talking about the volcano that destroyed Pompeii (although some say that Vesuvius will erupt again as well). I’m talking about the volcano that destroyed the neanderthals. CIAO.


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