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Friday Photo: Vatican City


Although I’m not Catholic, I obviously had to visit Vatican City while in Rome. After the necessary lines, ticket buying, crowd pushing, and general hassle to get through the entrance, we made it out into this courtyard, the Cortile della Pigna. This sculpture is the first thing I saw. It’s called Sphere Within Sphere, or Sfera con Sfera in Italian. Apparently versions of this monstrosity are all over the place-DC, Berkeley, Dublin, Tel Aviv. But they’re all a mystery.

One website said that the inner ball represents Earth and the outer represents Christianity. Someone else wrote that a tour guide told them the outer sphere is the Earth we live on now, and the inner is the Earth that will come after the reckoning. Pretty much everyone agrees that it’s apocalyptic. Or that it doesn’t mean anything at all. One definitely sane person said “The Vatican Sphere is Obviously a World that collided with ANOTHER World!! The Vatican has been Hiding technology and ancient history for thousands of years. They have been in control of our bible and manipulating humanity since they existed!!” -which seems legit, considering all the exclamation marks and randomly capitalized letters.

Does anyone know the truth? Or, better yet, how can we contact Arnaldo Pomodoro, the sculptor?


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Vatican City

  1. I particularly like your description here. Sticks to the point for a travel blog. Must be a newer sculpture because we didn’t see it when we were there in 2004.

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