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Friday Photo: Rome

I can say with complete confidence that the Pantheon is the single coolest thing that’s ever happened to any society that’s ever existed or dreamt of. That’s a historical fact. When I was planning my trip to Italy, my top priorities were: seeing the Pantheon, drinking Italian wine, and…yeah. That was it. Although I went completely insane (go figure) and made massively long lists of “must do”s in each city, the one thing that cared about the most was visiting this 1,800 year old temple.

For those of you who haven’t dedicated an illogical amount of time to reading about the Pantheon-not that I have, either, that’s crazy-it’s name means “to all gods,” because it’s creators didn’t want any of their creators to feel left out, I guess. It’s the largest unreinforced concrete dome in existence. The hole in the middle, called the oculus, and the door are the only sources of light. When it rains, the water pours in through the oculus but the building slopes slightly so the water drains neatly. You know what that means? It means the Pantheon is amazing.

Bonus: Ralphael is buried here. In case you cared.


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