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Friday Photo: Mediterranean Sea

After Florence, we traveled to Lucca because a guy we met in Rome told us he loved it there. We didn’t really see why. It’s a charming walled city with plenty of cheap Chianti and tandem bicycles to rent. That was cute. But there just isn’t much to it, so after a day we moved on to Pisa. And I immediately got food poisoning. But there was no time to stop and rest, because we had to keep moving on to Liverno, where we were to meet Tiffany and Kyle, who we had bought ferry tickets with back in Napoli to split costs. So after a few days of pure Italian hell, we arrived at last to the Mediterranean coast. Finally, I was able to flee Italy, and head to Spain.


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Mediterranean Sea

    • Oh that’s okay, Lucca really was charming. I think at that point I had seen about 8 different Italian cities within 20-30 days and was just really exhausted!

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