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Happy Thanksgiving!

The first Thanksgiving that I wasn’t with my family was in 2009. Instead of my grandparent’s house, I was in France with a girl I had met in Italy who invited me to stay with her family and get to know her city. Now I love my family, but exploring Lyon and eating with Manon and her parents was a pretty amazing experience. Lobster bisque over slices of fish with platters of stinky cheese and saucisson? Yes please. Sipping on French wine while overlooking the rolling hills of the countryside from beside a cozy kitchen fire? Count me in.

This year will be my 3rd Thanksgiving away from home, but going to a friend’s to enjoy a massive feast while downing homemade eggnog and God knows what other delicious drinks (we all work in restaurants, and are therefore much better at making and drinking cocktails than the average person), is another good trade off besides being in France.

I hope everyone has a good holiday, and doesn’t get too fat.



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