A Bear, an Octopus, and a Jellyfish Walk Into a Bar….

As you surely know by now, I am quite frugal. I always buy the beer on special, I prefer to split meals when eating out, and I only buy clothes from thrift stores. When frugality combines with gift giving, crafts are created. One of my favorite things to give people is the little animals I knit.

Knit Bear

Last October, When I was invited to my first baby shower since high school (or, the second baby shower I’ve ever actually showed up to), I didn’t want to have to pay $20 to buy some stupid baby some stupid crap. Instead, I devoted a massive amount of my time to hand knitting a toy for him. I’d never made a bear before but it seemed appropriate, so I decided to wing it.
(ps Rachel, Liam probably isn’t stupid-I can’t really judge that yet-but I think “stupid baby” just sounds funny)

I knit a long rectangle shape and rolled it together, weaving the end into place with leftover yarn. Then I wrapped some yarn around the top to make a head, and knit little arms, legs, and ears to tie on.

For a snout I just knit a square, tied the corners together and stuffed it with yarn to make it appear (somewhat) circular, and tied it on with more yarn. Then I sewed on button eyes and a nose and made tiny little pink patches for it’s ears. I also braided together a little scarf to cover up the neck, which looked stupid with a bunch of yarn wrapped around it. It took FOREVER to make this bear but Arrested Development marathons and beer make everything more bearable. Ha. Bearable.

I don’t know if the baby liked it, and maybe the mother would have preferred more diapers, but the damn thing turned out pretty adorable. Plus, I made it with my bare hands. Get it? I hate myself.

Knit Octopus

One day at work, my friend Bill overheard me talking about above bear, and how in Beaufort I would knit octopuses and jellyfish and sell them at the Pub for about $20 apiece (it was offered to me, I thought it was outrageous too, but I guess some people are generous when they’re drunk). Bill immediately demanded an octopus for Christmas. I happen to like Bill much more than most people, so I happily obliged.

This one is super easy, and I’ve done it a bunch before, so it only took a few hours. I made a ball by knitting a square, tying the corners together and stuffing it with more knitted material (so you couldn’t see through), andweaving in the rest. I braided 8 little octopus legs.

The model I went by for Bill’s octopus is a jellyfish I made a while ago. I’m going to give it to my friend Brittany, who is moving to Australia next month.

See? Crafting doesn’t have to be lame. Or maybe it does. But you can drink while you’re doing it, and that’s what matters.


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